Patagonia Backcountry skiing: Ski descent on Puntiagudo

Patagonia Backcountry skiing, Puntiagudo Volcano Ski descent: On October Andes Mountain Guides friends Seba Quiroga, Yago Naida, Nico Benedetti and Alan Shwer opened a new variation to get to the summit of Volcan Puntiagudo, one of the Patagonia backcountry skiing biggest objectives. Enjoying great weather, the Bariloche based group of climbers accomplished the first descent from the top of Puntiagudo, a more technical and challenging goal than backcountry ski Villarica, Osorno or Lanin Volcanoes.  This latest achievement adds to a ... Read more

Carstensz CME team back to Basecamp

Carstensz CME Team reached basecamp: The group got back to camp after summiting Carstenz. They called last night to say everybody is doing great and happy after the achievement. They'll spend the next 3 days hiking out of the mountain, and because of poor satphone service, we'll hear about them when the team gets back to town. Thanks to all, JP Read more

Carstensz CME team at the summit!

Andes Mountain Guides  CME team       reaches the highest point in Oceania: In the morning of October 13th, our team reached Carstensz top, under clear skies. Senior guide and AMG Co-owner, Mike Cooperstine, also leader of the expedition, just contact us through satellite phone to give us the good news. Being the fourth Andes Mountain Guides CME team reaching the summit of Carstensz we are proud to say that another successful CME expedition is getting to its end with all the ... Read more

Carstensz CME Team at Camp 3

Carstensz CME team news: Just got a call from Coop's from the route's  last stop before Base Camp. Due to poor service on the Satellite phone, the chat was brief but clear enough to hear that the group is doing great, everybody healthy and exited to attempt Carstensz summit very Soon. We expect to get more news on Sunday, hopefully with a successful summit for everybody!   Read more

Carstensz CME Expedition Team at Nabire:

Andes Mountain Guides Carstensz CME Team has reached Nabire: Lead by Mike Cooperstine, guide and owner of Andes Mountain Guides, the last major outpost of civilization was reached by our Carstensz CME 2015 team. In this moment participants are eating breakfast, relaxing  and waiting to hear if the prop plane will be able to ferry them into Sugapa Village today, to keep us on schedule. Everyone is having a lot of fun and the group is melding well, lots of joking and talking ... Read more

2015 Aconcagua Expedition is at Refugio Berlin

We are at Refugio Berlin, high camp Aconcagua: I Just spoke with Lucas via satellite phone and everyone has successfully made it to Refugio Berlin (5930 meters / 19,455 feet). The group made very good time moving between Nido and Berlin, only 4 hours, and it sounds like the weather is perfect. Lucas reports no wind, which is rare of high altitude camps on Aconcagua, and warm temperatures which bodes very well for a summit attempt tomorrow. If the weather holds we ... Read more

2015 Aconcagua Expedition is at Canada Camp

The 2015 Aconcagua Expedition has moved to Canada Camp:  I just heard from Lucas via satellite phone and he told me that most of the team, 6 climbers and 2 guides have moved to Canada Camp (5050 meters / 16,160 feet).  Two of the climbers, Paisley and Robert, who have been fighting sickness for a few days now, have decided to descend back to Plaza de Mulas with Tety.  We hope that they begin to feel better at a lower altitude.  ... Read more

The Summit Push for the 2015 Aconcagua Climbers is On!

The Team is ready to move to Canada Camp: The 8 members and 3 guides of the 2015 Aconcagua Expedition had a fast acclimatization trip to Canada Camp yesterday and a nice relaxing rest day today and are all now ready to begin the 5 day push to the summit. Tomorrow the team will move to Canada Camp (5050 meters) where they will spend one night. On Thursday they will make the long slow push to Nido de Condores (5550 meters) where ... Read more

2015 Aconcagua Expedition Success on Cerro Bonete

The 2015 Aconcagua Expedition is having success in the high Andes: Yesterday most of the expedition members completed the second of their acclimatization days by climbing to the 5000 meter summit of Cerro Bonete. For many on the expedition this was a new personal high altitude reached, which is always a big achievement. Congratulations to everyone who successfully made the ascent. We still have a few climbers suffering from a bit of altitude related illness, mostly cough and headache, but today is ... Read more

Aconcagua Expedition Confluencia Camp

The team has made their way to Confluencia Camp: Our team of 13 left Penitentes this morning and has now made their way to Confluencia Camp (3,380 meters) where they will enjoy their first night of camping and start to settle into a mountain routine. Tomorrow they will go for an acclimatization hike to Plaza Francia. The highlight of the day will be the amazing views of the south face of Aconcagua, which is some of the biggest vertical relief ... Read more
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